About Bubblesquat

Thanks for dropping by.

What is Bubblesquat?

When I was wee younger, I drew a comic panel about two spacemen who landed in Mars. Coming up with a clever title was difficult. I thought about the style of art that I created right in front of me, and it was bubblegum pop-inspired.

So I played with the word “Bubble” and wanted to use a verb that will work with it. “Pop” was out of the question. I needed something different and unique. Then I thought, “well…’Squat’ is unusual.” In a way, it worked for me. Hence, Bubblesquat was born.

I’ve grown up having an appreciation in different kinds of art. I used to make art myself. Some of my notable inspirations are Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, and Archie Comics. But now, instead of “making art,” I practice my creativity in other parts of my life.

One thing that I used to like to do is to doodle, or draw. I’ve drawn on sheets of paper that I’ve forgotten, and soon discarded.

So with this, I hope to chronicle what I’ve done in this page as a simple collection on what I’ve thought about at that time in the form of a “doodle”.